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Diapering Time

Connecting During Diaper Changes

Diaper changes can make some babies cranky. Even if your little one doesn’t fuss while being changed, you can make this frequent activity more engaging. Turn diapering into a connecting time for you and your baby, a time for your child to hear language and practice taking turns.

Diapering Basics

Have one set place with diapers, wipes and small toys. When you are away from home, have these things in a bag ready for quick use.

Things to Do During Diapering

• Talk to your baby while you diaper, looking closely at his face, “Wow, what a big boy you are!” As you pull out his legs, kiss or pat the feet, again talking, “You are so strong,” or “Look what cute little feet you have.”

• Tell your child what you think he might be feeling, “Oh, you seem a little mad at me right now. That’s okay, we’ll be done in a flash and you can play some more.”

• Wait for your baby to “talk” back to you with sounds or expressions. Taking turns is an important part of good conversations and relationships.

• Smile at your baby, but try changing expressions to keep baby’s interest. You can also move your smiling face closer to, then farther from your baby’s face. At this age, your face communicates more to your baby than your words.

• Keep small toys ready if he starts to twist away from you. Give him something to hold that is new for him, or that he only sees during diapering times.

• End the diaper change by saying something like, “Doesn’t that feel better? You’re all dry now.” Your child will learn that diaper changes are a necessity to make him more comfortable.

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